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Premium Service – Express 48 Hours Inter-Island Service

Owens Premium is our express road service between the North and South Islands. A sure fire way to get your freight delivered to any major destination in New Zealand in 48 hours

Across the Strait Just Faster

How can we do it faster?

  • Priority loading gets premium freight underway on time, every time
  • Prime booked ferry position makes us the very 1st vehicle off the 1st inter-island ferry every day
  • Our unparalleled branch network means all deliveries are carried out by local drivers who have built strong relationships with your customers and have extensive knowledge of the local area

Personalised, Prioritised, Premium

We have a team dedicated to providing personalised service by accurately monitoring your freight every step of the way. Their knowledge and quick judgment ensures that any issues are dealt with quickly and efficiently.  Your freight is guaranteed to take priority, ensuring that it is always loaded first, especially during busy periods.

A weight will be lifted from your shoulders knowing that we are taking care of your business by moving your freight exclusively on our Premium service. As soon as you become familiar with our new service you will find moving your freight effortless. 

Contact our team to find out more about this great service.


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