Freight Basics

Here is a collection of helpful articles to assist you in learning what you need to know about freight

Freight Basics - Freight Terminology

Freight shipping involves many different terms, learn what these mean to you here in our terminology glossary

Freight Basics - Freight Insurance, do you need it?

Freight insurance is something you should consider when moving freight. We have put together some key points about insurance that can be helpful to you and your business

Freight Basics - What is a Fuel Adjustment Factor?

What is FAF? Why do transport companies have this charge? What does it mean for me?

Freight Basics - 3PL Warehousing vs DIY Warehousing

Have you wondered why people partner with 3PL providers to handle their warehousing? Find out what you need to consider and what you can benefit from by using professional supply chain solutions.

Freight Basics - A Guide to Proper Packaging

Packing should be one of the most important things to consider when you are freighting your product. There are many way to protect your freight from your door all the way to your customer.

Freight Basics - Cheap Freight, The Hidden Cost

Choosing a forwarder based on price alone may not be a wise decision. Choose quality over cost when choosing a freight forward, with these handy hints

Freight Basics - Freight Abbrevations

Freight abbreviations got you confused? Can't remember the difference between BAF and FAF? We've put together a glossary of these terms to have you talking like an expert in no time

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