Owens Tankers

Owens Tankers are a bulk-liquid transport provider, transporting units both nationally & internationally. Specialised tank wash facilities, decanting and storage services, make us your complete choice for Bulk Liquid logistics.

Bulk Liquid Transport Services

We offer you a safe, efficient and hassle-free service. With over 15 different types of tanker in our fleet, we service the oil, chemical, LPG and food industries nationwide. As a multi-modal operator we transport these tankers daily by road, rail and sea to give you the options your business needs.
Internationally our global network ships a variety of products in ISO tanks around the world, including a Trans-Tasman door to door service.

Specialised Services

Cleaning Service

We operate a fully equipped tanker and ISO container wash bay. It is capable of cleaning ISO tanks, road tankers and IBC’s as well as steam heating of ISO tanks. These facilities exceed stringent statutory & local body requirements. This gives you peace of mind knowing that your products are transported in tanks cleaned to highest standard.

Decanting Service

Our bulk liquid decanting service can be done from either Flexibags or ISO Tanks into IBC’s. This allows you a cost effective solution to bulk transport while still providing the delivery of appropriate sized product to your customer.

Storage & Distribution

If immediate delivery of your product is not required we have a secure area on site where IBC’s can be stored. Delivering of the product can be done as you require. We can also provide the same storage and delivery service for both full and empty ISO Tanks.

We know how to handle bulk liquids

We have a well-earned reputation for being a safety conscious and quality bulk liquid logistics provider. Along with an excellent safety record, we are ISO9001 accredited, have an ACC Workplace Safety Practices Certification of the highest level and the New Zealand Chemical Industry Council's 'Prince Gold' Award.

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