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Bulk Freight Transport

Whether it’s a full B-Train load of pallets or one large piece of machinery our FTL (Full Truck Load) team are the experts in moving bulk freight around the country. 

We take it where it needs to be

With teams based in both the North and South Islands, we offer a cost effective solution for your bulk freight transportation. We operate 24/7 service moving large consignments from any origin to all destinations throughout New Zealand including:

  • Palletised Product
  • Containerised product
  • Bulk Liquid Management
  • Flat-deck and over dimensional transport specialists

Special Requirements

Not only can we handle your standard bulk freight but we have the knowledge to move freight that is out of the ordinary. We can arrange special lifting equipment or any permits required for over-sized, over-weight freight taking all the stress away from you. 

If you want to find out more of what we can do for you, contact our Bulk Freight specialists today. 

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