Reporting and Documents

Summary and detailed reports in multiple formats able you to:

  • Reconcile
  • Analyse


Processing invoices is cumbersome and time consuming for any finance team member in your business. We can provide our service invoice in a variety of formats so your ERP can accept the charges. We also have a variety of reports than can assist with reconciling your invoices and statement.


Document management is an ongoing issue as shipping internationally does require many documents. Mainchain does store all documents related to your shipments so you can retrieve them at any time. We store all documents electronically and are able to provide them to you in variety of ways so you can store them electronically too. Paper folders, no more!

Air & Ocean

All your shipments being handled by Owens is a great start but you need to be able to get data and leverage it.  Over the past decade we have created many reports so we are sure we have the right report for you.

 Contact your local branch to find out more about our reporting and document options

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