Integrating with us enables seamless communicate flow between all parties with electronic transmission of information. Integration improves transaction speed and visibility while decreasing spend on manual processes and reducing data entry errors.

Owens provides a comprehensive suite of integration solutions. Tailored to each customer's requirements these include EDI and API's.

EDI stands for Electronic Data Interchange. An EDI system enables businesses to exchange business documents - such as purchase orders, invoices and order status updates automatically - eliminating the need for manual processes. 

API stands for Application Programming Interface, a message format that allows data to be transmitted from one system to another in real-time. 

Our Global Integration Capabilities

Estimates    YES    
Freight Bookings    YES   YES
Purchase Orders      YES YES
Sales Orders      YES  
Order Confirmation      YES  
Status    YES YES YES
Invoices    YES   YES
Documents        YES
Proof of Delivery    YES   YES
Documents Packing Slip / DG's    YES    
Reports    YES YES YES
Order Reconciliation      YES  
Stock Reconciliation      YES  
Inventory Status Change      YES  
Stock Adjustment      YES  
Consignment Manifest      YES  
Notification    YES YES YES


 Domestic Freight Estimates

 Accurate and complete rating information about a potential shipment, in the fastest way possible

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 Bookings and Orders

 Create freight bookings and logistics orders

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 Tracking and Status Updates

 The latest status for your shipments and orders sent to you electronically

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 Reporting and Documents

 Generate regular reports and documents relating to your shipments

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