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South Island Road Closures | December 2019

Posted on 9 December 2019

Monday 9 December 2019

Heavy rains over the weekend across the country, in particular the South Island, have forced road and rail closures, isolating the upper from the lower South Island. The most serious closure is State Highway 1 North of Timaru at the Rangitata River crossing, following the washout of road and rail access, together with a major slip on State Highway 6 on the West Coast effectively cutting off all services with no alternative routes available at this time.

Fully loaded road and rail line haul units from Friday last week have unfortunately been unable to pass these washouts. We suggest that South Island customers should consider not dispatching freight requiring transits across these closure points until tomorrow avoiding unnecessary congestion. North Island customers can dispatch as usual, as we expect alternative routes and/or remedial repairs to be in place. Reports coming in indicate the possibility of limited road access tomorrow, however please expect delays, as existing backlogs will slow normal transit times.

We will keep this news story updated as more information comes to light. If you require further information please contact your local branch.