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Road Safety - New Give Way Rules March 2012

Posted on 20 March 2012
Road Safety - New Give Way Rules March 2012

With over 600 vehicles on the road in New Zealand, Mainfreight places great importance on road safety.  Very soon there will be major changes to the Give Way rules in which will impact on drivers throughout the country.

From 5am on Sunday 25th March 2012 two new Give Way rules apply.

What are the new Give Way rules?

1.     The left-turn versus right-turn rule.  All traffic turning right will be required to give way to a vehicle coming from the opposite direction and turning left.  This applies at cross roads, T-intersections and driveways where:
a)     both vehicles are facing each other with no signs or signals (neither vehicle is controlled)
b)     Both vehicles are facing give way signs
c)     Both vehicles are facing stop signs
d)     Both vehicles are facing green traffic signals

2.     At uncontrolled T-intersections (when there are no signs or signals to tell you what to do).  All traffic from a termination road (bottom of the T) will have to give way to all traffic on a continuing road (top of the T).  This will bring it into line with the T-intersections where there are Stop or Give Way signs on the termination road.

In other words, “Top of the T goes before me”

How can I find out more about the new Give Way rules?  

For further detailed information and diagrams go to:  www.giveway.govt.nz

Why not take this short quiz to ensure you understand the new Give Way rules?


Remember, be extra careful on the roads when the new Give Way rules take effect.