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Interisland Ferry Maintenance

Posted on 15 April 2016

KiwiRail’s Interisland ferry, the Aratere will be out of action from 20th June until the end of August 2016 for its two yearly dry dock maintenance which will take place in Singapore.

What to expect

Whilst maintenance has been scheduled in what is traditionally the quieter months of the year, it will still have an effect on the overall capacity across the Cook Strait. This will also be the first time that KiwiRail has operated without a rail enabled ferry. This means rail wagons will not be able to travel between the North and South Islands and will need to be transferred at Wellington. 

During this period the remaining Interisland ferries, Kaiarahi and Kaitaki, will be running 7 days a week, with a full road bridging operation being implemented.

With the return of the Aratere in August, KiwiRail will pull its two remaining ferries out for a week each for maintenance survey. Full Interisland ferry services will be back in place by the 5th September ready for the peak season volumes.

What will this mean for you? 

With reduced capacity, it will mean extended transit times through this period. Allowing more time for your freight to move between the island and being prepared is important over this time.

Be prepared

It is important to put plans in place now. There are steps you can take to avoid any disruptions to your business:

  • Build a stock holding at destination – By taking advantage of our logistics service you can have freight across the country ready for your customers when they need it
  • Placing larger consignment orders – encourage your customers to order a little more than they need in their next order to cover any unexpected events
  • Avoid leaving freight orders to the last minute – take into account additional transit time for your freight movements
  • Add a buffer to your standard delivery times so your customers’ expectations are appropriate

If you wish to discuss any of the above options further please contact our Team