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Big hoots and little owlets in Auckland

Posted on 17 May 2018

The Big Hoot Art Trail has been hosted by Child Cancer Foundation to support children with cancer and their families in Auckland. Two different types of owl sculptures were decorated: the big hoots designed, created by artists; owlets designed and created by school kids from all over the Auckland region.

Our Mobile and 2Home teams partnered with The Big Hoot to help transporting the big hoots and owlets to be decorated, installing owls on the trail once sculptures were ready to be displayed and uninstalling once the trail has ended. Our drivers felt like being a secret agent when it came to transporting and installing the owls at public spots as they had to make sure this was done throughout
the night when no one is watching.

One of the owlets was brought to life by students from Bairds Mainfreight Primary School, a school we have been sponsoring for over 20 years. 

Wedelivered the owlet to the school and followed the whole journey – the creation of ‘Jimmy’ with a theme of ‘colour my world with music’. Students took their inspiration from a beautiful book with paintings ‘Over the Rainbow’ by Eric Puybaret. The class chose a musical theme because they believe music can lift your emotions and wash away pain. Jimmy was displayed in Papatoetoe War Memorial Library.

This event has brought a lot of fun to friends, family, businesses and the community. People would take photos of the owls when they spotted on the street and families were out on owl hunting in the weekends.

Now the trail is coming to an end, the big hoot sculptures will be going on an auction to fundraise for this good cause.

Moving Big Hoots at night

Jimmy with school kids