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Meeting Grumpy

Posted on 4 February 2015
Meeting Grumpy

Two weeks ago, Rangiora hosted it’s annual Muscle Car Maddness car show, an awesome event where people from around Canterbury gather to showcase their classics. The Mainfreight team had a tent out, manned by some of the Christchurch team alongside Mainfreight Air and Ocean Wellington team, which actually drove down in a classic ride of their own.

Mainfreight was also showcasing an ultra rare $2.8m Aston Martin One-77 – as in 1 of only 77 ever made. The only one in the southern hemisphere! The most expensive car in New Zealand drew in quite a crowd.

For me however, the highlight of the showcase was a guest appearance at the Mainfreight tent by the owner of this elusive vehicle, the legendary Mainfreight co-founder himself, Neil “Grumpy” Graham. He wasn’t hard to spot as he made an entrance in true Mainfreight fashion, driving through in another one of his sweet ride,s with a license plate that simply read “Grumpy”.

Andrew and I got the opportunity to formally meet the OG. It was really cool experience finally meeting the man I had heard (and read) so much about. A big philanthropist and very down to earth guy, it was easy to see where the Mainfreight culture stemmed from, it was blue blood it’s purest form. He chatted with Andrew and I about the old days, Mainfreight’s humble beginnings, and even shared with us a few of the crazy stories that were left out the book.

Modecai Nkhwazi

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